The Ultimate Guide for beautiful photos. For Instagram addicts.

I have been getting many messages for some time now, with questions on what camera I use and how I edit my photos. I will start with this statement: It is not difficult as long as you know the proper editing apps and to stay true to who you really are.

Every picture should be you. It took me a long time to discover the apps that would give me the chance to create a much better result than a simple click and an Instagram filter.

So, let’s go over my now daily photograph process. The photos I take, are with either my phone, an iphone 6s, or with my camera, a Fujifilm x100t. I always make sure there is really good lighting, but neither very bright since my photo will be burnt, nor too dark that will result in a grainy photo. The best time of the day that gives you amazing pictures, where there is a soft, beautiful, ambient light, is what we know as “magic hour” aka the sunset colors.

Since I have the photo I like, I have 3 apps that I use which until recently were “Patricia’s Confidential”. Not anymore.


Lightroom is the best app I always use. It makes my photos look semi-professional and more realistic. One of my favorite tools is “Devibe” and is the one that fixes the photos that might be a little bit on the yellow side. Most often I will use the “Highlight” tool (always with moderation), as well as “Contrast” which have a much better results than other apps like Afterlight. In a few words, I use Lightroom to brighten and fix my photograph before I use any filters.

2.SNAPSEED (sometimes)

I will use Snapseed once in a while and if I do, it will be to use the “Selective” tool. I will use it to change the brightness, the saturation or the contrast on specific places in a photograph. A really good use for it is in a photograph with yellow hue in specific parts (the not very desirable parts) where I can fix these parts with the “Disaturate” tool.

3.VSCO (my favorite)

There are people who know VSCO, but there are others that have never heard of it. I found out about this app two years ago. The magic thing about this app is that it has many beautiful filters that give personality to your picture. This app has one good aspect and one bad (not so bad), but it’s really worth it.

The really good aspect of VSCO is that it has many many filters. To be precise it has 38 presets in its Limited Edition Collection. The (just a little bit) bad thing is that in order to have all these presets you will need to buy them for a small price which is really worth it. If you cannot buy them you can find some free downloads from the VSCO store. My personal favorite VSCO presets are: 04, A9, B3, HB1,HB2 and S2

NOTE: I never use the edit tools of VSCO except the “Sharpen” one which is the best in comparison with other apps including Instagram. I never use the Instagram tools.

And that was it! With these apps and these little steps I fix my photos before I upload them on Instagram. I will be waiting for you to tell me how it went and if my Instagram guide was helpful to you. I will be making a vlog for the edit soon!


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