I will try to be very frank with you, and give you some information about who I really am. I will give you 10 facts about me that will get you to know me a little bit better which are absolutely true even though some might be a little bit embarrassing for me.. So, let’s begin.

  1. Even though I have an acting career since I was 17, I always wanted to have a column in a magazine, so now i have my own blog and this completes me totally.
  2. I never cry while watching a movie with company, because I’m a little bit shy and I don’t like to show signs of weakness ( I guess?!), even though I wasn’t like this in the past and only recently I have started to feel this way (am I a weirdo?).
  3. I’m very stubborn. (Zodiac sign: Leo, Rising: Leo)
  4. I’m a total perfectionist. (Moon: Virgo)
  5. When I was 21, I got very close to moving to New York, because all I wanted was to study at “Actor’s Studio”.
  6. I’m a clean freak. When I was younger…not that much, but I get worse day by day. (Well.. Moon:Virgo)
  7. My biggest dream is, one day, to buy a farm house, full of lavender in the french country-side.
  8. My mother lives in Zurich and my father in Greece.
  9. I believe in my previous life I was a ballerina.
  10. I love animals! I could be in a farm and play with the geese and ducks, on the street and chase after stray cats and dogs or simply stop a random person walking their dog so I can play with it. Oh! I sometimes walk in random pet shops just to play with puppies or bunnies.

So this is a little bit of me and as time goes by you will get to know me much better.

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    Honestly, nowadays its annoying to see actors, models and other famous people trying so hard to be crazy and different but keep saying things like “I’m just a normal girl/guy”… so its really nice to get such a funny and honest impression of you… my sister and I love you very much💕


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