Actually, it is the first Fashion Week I attended. My busy schedule filming movies and TV Series kept me away from Fashion Weeks and finally one of my dreams was fulfilled. Perhaps some things don’t come when we want them to and they delay in order for us to be ready in the appropriate time. Then they come along and everything is right and everything we have dreamed of comes true. That was Fashion Week for me.. Even better Paris Fashion Week.

From the first time I visited Paris, I felt like I was getting signs to trust it and fulfill my dreams in this absolutely magic city. My instinct was talking and these signs were not only in my mind. You already know how much I love Paris, so there you have an other reason. The result was that I attended important shows (if you were watching my Insta stories, then you attended them with me as well..), presentations, showrooms and I met people I truly admire deeply.

I really had an amazing time and lived beautiful moments with Evridiki (one of my besties), Natalia Georgala of, Christina Maria Kravvari the Marie Claire Greece fashion editor and writer, and Christina Psychari. We were the ultimate gang. We spent together some of the most crazy days and nights.

Of course there were moments I missed the people I really wanted to have by my side through all this experience. Those people that Paris brought close to me, but who unfortunately couldn’t be with me that particular moment.

So, my Paris Fashion Week was full of happy smiles, some bittersweet moments and a double featuring in Vogue. I’m ok. I’ll take it. (You should see my happy happy face right now..haha)

Ph by George Angelis (@shotbygio)

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